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The Hangmen & The Terrorsaurs, Live! at Percy's, Whitchurch

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POW Promotions and Percy's Cafe Bar proudly presents...
The Hangmen
The Gospel According to St. Lucifer
When The Hangmen exhumed the grit of the Devils’ own Blues, the uncontrollable abandon of true Rock n’ Roll and the confrontational dissatisfaction of Punk Rock invoking a musical Frankenstein Monster that is raunchy, filthy, outspoken, hostile and above all genuine there was no strategy or expectation to ricochet around a global underworld of sweaty rock dives in the defiant chaos that has enveloped the band for over two decades. In the North East of England in the 1990s when live music was gasping for survival across the UK in the wake of rave Culture and DJ dominance, The Hangmen raised themselves tough writing their own material and playing in backstreet bars, or in support to established names suddenly struggling to fill larger venues. The ensuing long-travelled global collision course to oblivion via hundreds of sweaty rock dives, concert halls and the odd small stadium has not only earned these Rock & Roll veterans a resilient worldwide fanbase it has also spawned a collectible eight album legacy of original material, a gutful of singles and EPs and left audio debris strewn across a hell of a lot of compilations.
The Hangmen don't fall into any genre pigeonhole easily, but for over two decades they have successfully straddled the international Psychobilly and Punk live circuits to deliver dark rowdy self-composed rabid rock & roll. Across Europe, The USA, Canada, as far East as Russia and then back round again and again The Hangmen earned their status. Often cited as the most criminally under-rated Psychobilly band ever they continue to forge their own chaotic path outside of any mainstream or peerage - defying and surviving the odds as underdogs and ultimately delivering raunchy, moody and invigorating music like no other.
Brandishing a stripped carcass of a sound so raw it attracts bacteria they relentlessly revitalise themselves with new material that is distinctively theirs, with a knack for never repeating themselves - or anyone else. Lyrically uncompromising, the unsavoury and sometimes horrific diatribes carry substance and avoid faltering into mere cliche. The world once branded it 'The Devils Music', but few bands invoke that unsanitised unholy predecessor of neutered mainstream 'Rock & Roll' such as this.
When the Psychobilly movement was extensively documented in the book 'Hells Bent On Rockin'' The Hangmen were duly given several pages of relevance. From being welcome guests in Punk Rock arenas (not least a live engagement at NYC Punk Mecca CBGBs) whilst also being endorsed by less purist factions among Rockabilly and Goth fraternities an eclectic and enduring following for this distinctively dark, cynical entity has emerged beyond any ring-fencing. There have been covermount releases on both Rockabilly and Heavy Metal magazines. They've raised the roof at Biker Rallies, Horror Theatres and even a Hippy Festival. The all encompassing subculture magazine StreetSounds is running a feature on the band that spans two issues...
The Hangmen are a law unto themselves, a well kept secret with an ability to capture and keep a select audience without riding trends. Sticking to their guns through thick and thin, evolving with contagious tunes and songs of darkly deranged genius whilst never following any pack or rules other than their own The Hangmen still stand as that rare and potent musical delicacy - an original renegade rock and roll band with guts.
A ninth album is now underway, the teaser EP Necronomicon launched in 2017 on Moon Skull Records showing no hint of any compromise as The Hangmen continue to drive the Devils music on and out across Rocks underworld.
With special guests...
The Terrorsaurs
Hailing from Birmingham UK The Terrorsaurs unique mix of garage, surf and classic heaviness is indefinable by any genre save that of pure Rock ‘n’ Roll. Originally founded by Ian B (King Fink), some early recordings were released by WILD records before the classic line-up emerged in 2015 and since then their notoriously theatrical live show has taken them all over the globe. This vital energy is perfectly captured by the studio output recorded at WILD studios, Hollywood CA. The ‘One Night Only’ and ‘Swamp Beat’ albums together with the ‘Crab Walk’ vinyl 45 establish a raw, hard edged sound which becomes fully realised on the double vinyl LP ‘Alive or Dead’ (released mid 2019). With twelve USA and European tours already behind them The Terrorsaurs are trailblazers of instrumental Rock ‘n’ Roll. Check the tour page to catch the worldwide Swamp Stage…..KUTANGA!
Crawlin’ King Fink – Bass & Shouts
El Demonio – Guitar
Thunderstix – Drums or


Saturday, September 28th 2019 09:00pm


Percy's Cafe Bar
Green End Whitchurch Whitchurch SY13 1DW United Kingdom


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