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Nothe Fort, Weymouth

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Nothe Fort, Weymouth
Date: Saturday 12th May 2018
Time: 8.15pm-2.15am

Built by the Victorians to protect Portland Harbour, Nothe Fort is one of the best preserved Forts of its kind.
The Fort is also a hotbed for paranormal activity, with it’s visitors often spooked by the spectre of a whistling gunner, who stalks the many corridors and passageways.
Nothe Fort is fast becoming known as one of England’s most haunted Forts, with many people refusing to venture back inside after experiencing the buildings ghostly inhabitants.
Join the team this spring as we delve inside this iconic building to uncover the hidden secrets of Nothe Fort.

Location History:
Nothe Fort in Weymouth is a monument to a time when military sea defence was an important part of life not only for Weymouth and Portland, but was considered a priority for the whole country.
Fearing an attack from the French, Prime Minister Palmerston endorsed an 1860 report that recommended building a series of sea defences in strategic positions around the UK coast.
But by the time Nothe Fort was completed in 1872, the threat from the French had long passed and the fort’s firepower had been superceded – resulting in Nothe Fort, and the other forts that had been built as part of the plans, becoming known as Palmerston’s Follies – said to be the most expensive programme of fixed defence ever built in peacetime.
Nothe Fort’s main objective was to help defend Portland Harbour which remained an important south coast military base – along with Portsmouth and Plymouth – so Nothe Fort, as defence for Portland, was far from redundant.
During World War II, the fort had an anti-aircraft Gun stationed inside it, but its main role was storing anti-aircraft ammunition for The South west.
The fort remained in service until 1956, and Weymouth and Portland Borough Council took over responsibility in 1961.
Abandoned, the building fell into disrepair at the hands of trespassers and squatters, but its prime location and spectacular views of Weymouth seafront and Portland ensured it was never totally forgotten.
There was even a short-lived plan to convert the building to a hotel. Work began in 1971 but was soon abandoned shortly after.
But since the building’s takeover by the Weymouth Civic Society, the fort, since 1980, has slowly been restored to its former glory, plus a military museum, and is one of Weymouth’s most popular tourist attractions with up to 45,000 visitors a year.

Reported Paranormal Activity:
A survey carried out in 2007 by The National Lottery discovered that the Fort was voted one of the spookiest locations in the UK; in fact staff members sometimes refuse to visit certain areas by themselves.
Other eye witness reports are that of a white figure seen walking the parapets of the building when it is locked and there should be nobody there.
Strange noises, loud bangs and footsteps have all been reported over the years. With some visitors even claiming to have been physically touched by unseen hands.

Your overnight ghost hunt at Nothe Fort includes:
Vigils led by experienced investigators
An equipment demonstration before the investigation begins
Full use of our vast array of paranormal equipment
Refreshments, Tea/coffee & cakes
Lone vigils at the end of the night where time is on our side
Important factors to consider before booking:
This event may be unsuitable for people with mobility impairments due to the nature of the property being visited. Please call to check anything you might be unsure about before booking your tickets.

All remaining balances for this event will be due by Friday 27th April 2018.


Saturday, May 12th 2018 08:15pm


Nothe Fort
Barrack Road Weymouth DT4 8UF
DT4 8 Weymouth


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