WALTER LURE´S L.A.M.F. Tour Dates 2022 and Tickets

WALTER LURE´S L.A.M.F. Tour Dates 2022

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WALTER LURE´S L.A.M.F.: Background information

Walter Lure’s L.A.M.F. feat. Mick Rossi of Slaughter and the Dogs & Mark Laff of Generation X & Nigel Mead of The Duellists performing tracks from The Heartbreakers’ iconic ´´L.A.M.F.´´ album. + support: The DeRellas Walter Lure is an original punk rocker and a founding member of the iconic New York band, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers. Their one and only album, L.A.M.F., with songs written by Thunders & Lure, is widely acclaimed as one of the true Rock & Roll albums from the late ‘70s.

WALTER LURE´S L.A.M.F.: Latest News