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Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt

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Do we have a location for you – a place that is only for the very brave!
Enter the doors of this vast old Victorian Prison in Shrewsbury – also well known as the Dana for a terrifying night of ghost hunting!
This incredibly atmospheric Prison is reputedly haunted by those that sadly lost their life to the notorious hangman and his noose in this once harsh and unforgiving location.
The building has only very recently opened its doors again as it has stood closed and abandoned for two and half years - but its life as a prison first began way back in 1793 - before actually closing for the last time in 2013.
This historical prison was once a fearful place of execution and terror and the remains of those who were executed were once gruesomely buried within the prison before they were later moved and their remains laid to rest.
A night for those that like to be scared – why not join us as we unlock the past during our vigils and séances in the most haunted recesses of this Victorian establishment.
With row upon row of original cells - that once housed the most hardened of criminals along with an Execution Room also known as the long drop - last used in the 1960s for one of the last hangings in England you really are in for one hell of a night!
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Saturday, May 25th 2019 09:00pm


HMP Shrewsbury
3 The Dana Shrewsbury Shrewsbury SY1 2HP United Kingdom


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