Yellow sky, we're all gonna die apocalypse party | London

Yellow sky, we\'re all gonna die apocalypse party

What's happening?

Sky's well yellow so we've prob got about ten years to live. Bring your favourite drinks and snacks.


Can you get right said Fred to do a queen tribute set ?
Just want to make sure everyone's still okay to come
Will there be sniffer dogs on the door? Asking for a friend
Any hot woman want to fuck as we go out with a bang
Any1 gonna be after nos etc..
It is astonishing to me that instead of looking for the causes to why the sky is yellow, and thinking about the over 523 fires that started in Portugal and Spain over the weekend (make no mistake about the Saharan sand bullshit, we all know which of Iberia or the Sahara is closest to the UK) and considering the amount of people who have lost their livelihood, homes, lives, and lives of their loved ones, all that comes to mind is how we can turn this into a drinking opportunity. It does not matter that it might be a fake event, some “humour” just isn’t funny. Get real Cambridge. Time to stop pretending you live above the rest of the world.
I'm so glad someone's done something about this. It will be the last opportunity to make one another's acquaintance before the day of reckoning!
Is this for real
Alex Giddings
Micham common lol
The yellow sky was created by the wildfires going on in Portugal (and the wind brought part of the smoke to england) which have already killed a number of people there. But carry's really funny to make fun out of it ennit...
Aww sh1t am I late?
Sick, looking forward to this one!
Can i bring my Nan?
Can I bring my dog?
So happy it falls on a Saturday
Thank fuck
Not just me then...
Max I believe you can actually bring us all together. You were successful in the Claverham reunion class of 2006 so clearly your repertoire is expansive
It’ll be my 32nd birthday so I’ll bring cake
Is it byob?
Can we reschedule to 2022? I have a thing all year 2027
See you in 10 years time!
Samuel Warner
If we haven't been defeated by illuminati aliens by then, count me in ;)
Is there guest list?
Chris Marshall +5
Is there a cloakroom ?
possibly related
Can we bring toast?
Hahah what even is this?


Saturday, October 16th 2027 03:00pm


Mitcham Common Park
Croydon Road, Mitcham
CR4 1HT London

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