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World Youth Day London 2022

What's happening?

We believe that World Youth Day 2022 should take place in Britain, with the main events and closing Mass in London. And we'll be there! Visit and LIKE the WYD London 2022 page here to support the cause:

We could put on the best WYD there has ever been. Why? Because of the faith and energy of young Catholics here, the sense of renewal and hope within the Catholic Church in this country, the pull of the English language, and the attraction of Britain as a destination for visitors. WYD 2016 will be in Krakow; WYD 2019 will probably be outside Europe; and so by 2022 it will be time to come to Britain! It seems like a long way off, but time passes quickly, and it will take a lot of planning ahead.

WYD London would revitalise the Church and be an incredible witness to the people of this country. It would be a truly national event, bringing together every Catholic diocese, parish, group and movement. It wouldn't distract from other important pastoral priorities - instead it would provide a Focus and stimulus for them. The period of planning and preparation would galvanise the Church at national and local levels. The ‘Days in the Dioceses', in the week before WYD itself, would be a celebration of faith throughout the regions, with hundreds of thousands of international young pilgrims welcomed into parishes and families across Britain. And there could be an important ecumenical dimension too, with Catholics and other Christian communities cooperating in hospitality, witness and celebration.

London would be the focus for the main WYD events and closing Mass. Why? Not because of some unthinking ‘London-centric’ prejudice in favour of the capital, but simply because of the practical advantages. London has the venues, the infrastructure, the transport, the public spaces - the sheer size; and it will have the experience of dealing with the Olympics. In the three dioceses that converge there (Westminster, Southwark and Brentwood), it has the greatest number of Catholic parishes and movements, the richest concentration of Catholic life, and an incomparable diversity of people and communities. And it has a unique pull in the international imagination. It would be ‘London uniting the country and opening out to the world’, rather than ‘London excluding the regions’.

Yes, there would be significant costs. But unlike Pope Benedict's visit to the UK in 2010, WYD would pay for itself. If just half a million pilgrims register (a conservative estimate), and the fee is just £50, that's £25m to start with, even before the serious fundraising has begun. And despite the misgivings of some, no-one seriously doubts that this kind of event brings massive economic benefits to the host country. The Papal visit, for example, brought an £8.5m boost to Glasgow alone; and a £12.5m boost to Birmingham. According to an independent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, WYD Madrid brought 354m Euros to Spain, and there are similar predictions for Rio [see links below]. This is one reason why the British Government and Mayor of London will surely be interested in it. But there would be deeper reasons are well: the opportunity of hosting what is perhaps the largest youth event in the world, of opening our doors to people from every corner of the earth, and of putting young people at the centre of The National agenda.

At the moment, this is an off-the-cuff, un-thought-out, testing-the-water kind of proposition. It began in the parks and cafes of Madrid at WYD 2011, when thousands of young people from the UK began to think ‘We could do this!’ It continued in a World Youth Day London 2016 Facebook Event, before Krakow was announced, which had 2,900 potential attendees - it's now been closed! And it continues now through this new WYD London 2022 Event.

So if you want to see it move forward, INVITE YOUR FRIENDS - TODAY!!

What do you think? Post your own comments, suggestions, criticisms, links, etc. in the box below.

You can see the Krakow page here:

Report about effects of Papal visit on Glasgow's economy:

Report about the effects of Papal visit on Birmingham's economy:

Report about the economic benefits of WYD Madrid to Spain:

Report about the expected economic benefits of WYD to Rio:

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Halleloyah .Halleloyah.Halleloyah .
UK and USA with Israel Fighting in Yemen? For what an Independent Country and its poor citizens are butchered on daily 24/7 basis? Anyone guess?
I'll be 30 then!
Join us Sunday
Join us on Sunday
London could stage an excellent WYD,with several large parks,five premier league football stadiums,as well as Wembley,Twickenham,the O2,the Excel and Olympia,and for the final vigil and Mass, Epsom downs,which could easily hold over a million people and has two purpose built rail stations,as well as the experience of hosting the Derby every year which means it could cope with mega crowds.There are only three question marks.Firstly,the English weather.Secondly,are our bishops up for it,and thirdly the possibility that by 2022 the UK will have become a closed country with entry for foreigners made extremely difficult.All of these can be overcome,but the time to start lobbying the bishops and the government is NOW.
I was at WYD in 2000 in Rome, and have since thought it would be a slam dunk to have the next Jubilee year (not an extraordinary year) to be in Rome which would be 2025. If this is the case, then there has to either be back to back in Europe (2016 Poland. 2019 Not Europe, 2022 Europe, 2025 Rome) or back to back not Europe ( 2016 Poland. 2019 Not Europe, 2022 Not Europe, 2025 Rome). I also think of the non-Europe choices, the USA is overdue. They hosted in 1993, but haven't hosted again in 23 years and they are a huge, rich country. London would be a great choice for 2022, by the way. I'd love to come and bring my kids.
I have a few places left for Poland WYD
Why London? Why not Birmingham?
This new page contains a petition, please 'LIKE' page, 'SIGN' petition and 'SHARE'
Make sure that you understand this: Should WYD come to London, all of us will become volunteers. You, your siblings, friends, parents and even your grandparents. We will be here to serve the pilgrims who will come from all over the world to deepen their faith. It will be the great act of service from us who belong to the Catholic Church in England and Wales to the world.
There is a new page promoting WYD London here: Take a look and LIKE it!
Wouldn't this be a great event for our country and our young people . . . This is the year I'll be drawing my pension. Wonder what excuse I can find to be part of it?!
in ten years i may very well be on the other side of the world with a sprog! Who knows! But anything i can do to help?
I'll have to ask my mum first to let me go, but I can't stay out too late, it'll be past my bedtime!!!
Let's get the ball rolling early and stage a catholic youth event here in the UK soon, but on a huge scale! Get the country and the world talking about young Catholics here in Britain...who we are, what we are about and what we want for 2022! Lets get ourselves on the global stage!
But this is not a 'this is an off-the-cuff, un-thought-out, testing-the-water kind of proposition' IT WILL HAPPEN.
This is good news! The way I understand it, by speaking to some of the more prominent youth workers, there was always a feeling that Poland would get WYD2016, but that there would be a push to try and hold WYD in Britain after that. I know for a fact that at the first CYMFED meeting which happened after the Papal Visit there was a palpable feeling, for the first time, that it was possible to hold it in the UK, whereas in the past they had always assumed that it would not happen. The main barrier now is getting the Bishops on side, because I have spoken to many of them and they did not want the financial burden too soon after the papal visit, but there should not be any excuses for 2022. There are also better structures in place now, and after all many other countries have been far less prepared than the UK. The UK is the only major western country to have never held a WYD which, although there are 'some' reasons for this, is still a bit of an embarrassment. It's time to stop listening to the nay-sayers and be courageous. Thanks to Fr Stephen Wang for getting this site up and running again :-)
I would be too old to be part of this WYD. Willing to play apart to inspire a new generation of young catholics to continue to spread the good news of the lord. If we are to hold this, i pray we have a better government in place in 2022. God Bless
Not sure I'll still be alive, but if it happens, then I'll certainly try and be there!
Good use for the Olympic Stadium?
Should we be petitioning our bishops to invite him for this (even though many of us don't have one)?
these would be a great chance for england and britian to show the world that we still hold a strong catholic faith and also show the world that are youth are still interested in faith !


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