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This event might not actually happen for obvious reasons, but you never know...but i thought i would create the event for the piss takers who love to say they are going to an event on facebook, but have no intention of going, this will be a 5 day event, to give the lambretta riders a chance to get there, and the vespa riders to keep stopping to adjust all their mirrors, music and beer tent, so should make a good atmosphere, plus a ride out to.. the dark side of the moon, ..fancy dress optional on the wednesday, and make sure your helmet is fit for Space travel. This is a free admission SCOOTER ONLY rally, Enjoy, Please say you will attend, it looks good on your facebook wall, like all the other events you say your going to go to, but never do, cheers...ITS ALL GOOD FUN,... a crater beer for furthest travelled and custom show, BANDS CONFIRMED.. The Meteors AND LUNA VEGAS, TRIBUTE BAND... KLINGONS FROM LEON,
AND Please no more "ATMOSPHERE" JOKES.
Only been done 200 times so far and counting


Tag someone who deserves this for 2017
Can't put any mirrors on or a whip aerial pffft
Mark Scoot, Timbo Rogers, Terry Meierhofer, Paul PJ James, Louise Moore your horse is running tonight.
Hilarious. faf
Thinking of changing the name to... Scooterfest to the moon ;)
@ 2:47, thats where the campsite will be, ok
Tag away
Just incase you fancy meeting before 2021.....;-)
What air fuel oil mixture do you recommend at such dizzy heights ?
Any idea about an advance weather forcast? If a solar wind is predicted I might not go.
I'm the only one going in Club They've been giving me a great send off Haven't a clue way they're on their knees
Just wondering what the pitch fees will be for the catering
No ride out, we don't do shit like that, ok
Unfortunetly the parts fair on Saturday will only consist of proper stalls like Scooter parts, tools etc, we tried getting the normal shit like mugs, sweets, pictures, t shirts, hats and badges, but they couldn't make it,
Well if you can't take a van or car All packed up and wife & kids want to experience the atmosphere of the rally So i'd better set off now See you there
Advance tickets are £30, or £25 on the gate. These are not selling very fast, so don't hurry up.
By the way, this rally is still on at the moment ...ok!/ldnbikercrime/photos/a.353466821652450.1073741827.336170413382091/445690769096721/?type=3&source=48&refid=8&__tn__=E
Happy St George's Day.... Oi oi
I'm sick of the dates changing. I'm off in 2020 now. See you all there as I'm off to live with the clangers, lol
Am definitely going but on the Yamaha because it will get me there and back
Houston, we have a problem
Anyone else fed up with this shit now, not funny after you've seen the 300th post
Perhaps this is the perfect scooter for the Rally?
What bands/groups shall we have ? No shit ones mind
Good Morning and i hope everyone is well, id just like to say Good Morning and i hope everyone is well.
I've just checked the moon phase for 07/02/2021 & it will be between third quarter & new moon. Obviously this means that more than 3/4 of the moon will be missing!!!!!! Have the organisers checked that the rally site will be there?
Motor build for moon run is gathering pace, just had rebore done
Hmmmmm wonder if polini would give me a set of there t5 casings, and kit n carb in the name of doing the ultimate road test
just wondering if this is a scooter only event
Rumour has it that some had a practice run this weekend.
Selling my scooter , asking for stupid money Genuine rust , tyres , dents & all round knacker Rode into the ground , no time wasters THEN I can buy an auto
Got me transport sorted
Tent pegs are allowed, have a good trip
Why does everybody think it's a joke I can see its going to happen
DJ set list Sweet, love is like oxygen. Elton John, rocket man Russ Abbot, atmosphere Creedance Clearwater revival, bad moon rising Dead Kennedys, moon over marin & The police, Roxanne
Will you be selling Cobs as I cannot eat Baps , Muffins ,Rolls, Bread cakes or even Barm's
Best hurry up, tickets are not selling fast
will the intergalactic AA be on standby for the lambretta riders?
tickets will be on sale @ woolacombe Special offer ...2 for the price of 3


Sunday, February 7th 2021 01:00am


The Moon, Outer Space

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