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Build Your Own Great Wall Of China

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Come along and get set for a great build adventure where we will teach you how to build your own full scale Great Wall of China for your own bedroom. Everyone is welcome from ages 2-92, bring your family along and you can all have a great day out. There will also be food provided so it's a great day, come down and build!!!


Congress won't get this done so WE THE PEOPLE must show them we mean business. The illegal who murdered Kate got off and is now suing.
Breach Collective playing here
I'm the only Mongolian needed here
Is Trump going?
Vyomesh Nundlall pre-drinks at mine?
Will training be provided, or do I need a brick laying qualification before we start ?
Do I need a visa?
Will there be Tsingtao?
Jay Ho
I know you said "2-92" but can I bring my 1 year old and leave her there? She'll be 2 in December so close enough, yeah? She has quite chubby arms so I'm certain she'll be able to shift quite a few stones for you. I'll even supply the nappies for you.
ez pee-zee lemon squeezy all you need is: 1. GOD DAMN MONGOLIANS 2. cITY WALL and sweet n sour sauce 3. easily purchasable Labour because you is DA EMPORER 4. bricks 5. Parl Klinkington 6. build it in China 7. convince the government it's good enough to be another one of those replica great walls they build everywhere across the county 8. Heart
Im 93. Is that me ruled out or?
Please can someone tell me what kind of food will be served? Im a fussy eater so im just wondering if i should bring a packed lunch or not. Thanks in advance.
Theo Wilson you had absolutely no need to go to china for that new profile picture bud you could of just made your own
Conor Lindsay if you fancy an insight into what I'll be doing in China this will be v. good!
James Brakes looks v informative and helpful
Theresa lets build two!
Yining Chen
Buzzing for this one boys!!
I'm 93 can I still come?
I'm planning to build mine on the moon. Will relevant techniques of lunar construction be covered?
I'll be honest I'm brickin it about this event, last one I got proper stoned..
so excited! I'm gonna put mine around my full scale model of china
Kieran Winter
Danny Greenslade Ella Braidwood Maisy Murphy Sam Bankole Nick Weaver
Hi my nan is 93 and I am just wondering if we could maybe bring her along? She isn't much hassle, just a few remarks here and there but she will bring her own tissues and lip balm?
Will there be mongols to keep out in order to prove the quality of the tutorial?
Will bricks be provided or is it BYOB?
If when you are building you find Chinese homeless men settling in be sure to throw them off
Sounds sick, Donald J. Trump you wanna come with? heard you were interested in walls


Wednesday, August 5th 2020 08:00am


London, United Kingdom
3 Whitehall Westminster London SW1A 2DD United Kingdom

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