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Liverpool: Growing Big People seminar

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9.45am Registration & Sign-in
10.00am Session 1 & 2
11.00am Evening break
11.30am Session 3 & 4
12.30pm Q&A Time
1.00pm Conclude
Growing Big People is Paul Scanlon's passion born out of a deep conviction that every person is born an original and a genius.
The problem is that birth was our last day of freedom and from then on people, environments and institutions conspire unknowingly to mould us into their image.
Growing Big People's aim is to inspire, educate and equip you to explore your inner world and tap into huge resources of dormant potential.
Once you better understand you, then a more relevant and powerful alignment with your gifts and callings becomes possible.
The Growing Big People seminar with Paul Scanlon has four components.
Perhaps the first thing to say is that my definition of big people is - people who are secure, comfortable in their own skin, kind, grateful, open minded, teachable and emotionally inexpensive.
These qualities among others are to me the characteristics of a big person. These ten observations are by no means comprehensive and I edit and upgrade my top ten every few months.
This session is about addressing the fundamental issue of how and why we have a crisis in our Culture when it comes to growing people and what we can and must do about it. We are a results obsessed society and that often has no bearing on the growth of people. This session will show you how to flourish.
The greatest road block to our personal growth is our inner belief system. We are not what we think as much as we are what we believe. Experience has taught me that if we can change our belief system we can change our lives and organisations. This session will show you how to change your belief system.
If you're a growing person then you are in for constant reinventions of you. Continual growth creates its own self imposed upheaval in our inner life and this final session will coach you in how to successfully become the next you. Q&A with Paul Scanlon will happen at the end of The Next You session.
For more information on Paul Scanlon and his Growing Big People initiative visit:
***Please note this event is not suitable for children 15 and under.


Saturday, May 4th 2019 10:00am


Liverpool One Church
144 Richmond Row Liverpool Liverpool L3 3BL United Kingdom

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