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Letchworth Friday Evening Sound Bath with Pam and Jurek

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Join Jurek and I for our Friday evening Soundbath at Letchworth Freechurch Hall, Gernon Road, Letchworth SG6 3HS
Friday 27th September 2019
Come and bathe in wonderful waves of sound as we play our high quality gongs, singing bowls and other instruments - a fabulous way to de-stress that leaves you feeling calm and 'intune'
You simply sit or lie down on your mat, get super comfy with your blanket and pillow and listen as we combine various sounds and rhythms to create a soundscape. It’s this soundscape that makes it easy for the brain to change from being active and busy to a meditative and more peaceful state.
We believe when we are in this place of deep rest we open up to our own body's healing, our body systems rebalance and retune to help us feel refreshed and energised just like it does after a really good night’s sleep.
Sound Baths are not recommended during the first and last three months of pregnancy, if you have a pacemaker or metal implants or experience epilepsy or other types of seizures, have a sound sensitive condition such as Labrythitus or Meniers Disease.
If you have questions about the sound sessions please contact Pam [email protected]
Please bring a mat, blanket and pillow - whatever you need to be comfortable. Cost £12 payable on the door.
Jurek and I look forward to playing for you - Pam
Pam Mullett
Gong,Reiki and Reiki Drumming Practitioner
Jurek Dabrowski
Gong Practitioner and Homeopath
Trained with Gong Master Don Conreaux from USA
Sheila Whittaker, Sound Healer, Musician, Teacher and Author
Simon Heather, Sound Healer, Teacher and Author
both Tutors of the College of Sound Healing in the UK
Sarah Gregg - Reiki Drumming
Sarah Arkle - Reiki Master / Teacher
Insured with Holistic Insurance Services


Friday, September 27th 2019 06:45pm


Letchworth Freechurch Hall, Gernon Road, Letchworth Garden City SG6 3HS
55 Gernon Road Letchworth Letchworth SG6 3HS United Kingdom


Sound-and-Silence Resonant healing for mind and body, Letchworth

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