turn gloucester park into a fun fair | Gloucester

What's happening?

we want a fun fair at glouster park


heey byron
lol its always boring on facebooks lol
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this wont happen if u dnt join
Only if it's free, bad enough 2 weeks in the summer when it's here cost a fortune. X make it free
hello we have managed to do some think we have made gloucester fair go all over gloucester like tuffley matson severn vale school hardwick podsmead abbymead but it is still the same price but on tuesdays it is a pound but we still want a fun fair invite more people to join
How much is it on buddy day ?
place your bets i put £2pound on it and tell me what rides you want make them up like the flying ice is a rolercoaster then drives across ice thats wat i want
if we whant the park to become a fun fair we must invite freinds
put ur hand in a fist kiss ur hand 10 times say ur crushes name 15 times post this on 2 events then look at ur hand
put ur hand in a fist kiss ur hand 10 times say ur crushes name 15 times post this on 2 events then look at ur hand
and if i did happen you can diside the prices money or ristbands that cost 50 p all ride all day
yeeaaaaaaahhhhhh;D xx
well lets say it would be much better that a park x
never ever ever lol
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Monday, August 3rd 2020 10:00am


Gloucester Park.
Gloucester Gloucester GL1 1 United Kingdom


Byron Davis, Gloucester

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