Kissing The Sacred Darkness (full-day workshop) | Edinburgh

Kissing The Sacred Darkness (full-day workshop)

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Kissing the Sacred Darkness – An Introduction to the Shadowlands of Death and Grief
There comes a time, on the spiritual path, when we start to realise the Light is only part of the picture. That “darkness” we fear and try to avoid whispers seductively to us; the longing becomes less about being enlightened and more about being Whole. The whole of Who We Are has all of light and dark in us. We are creatures not just of spring and summer… but of autumn and winter; of cycles and seasons. There comes a time when we start to realise the darkness is sacred. It is the dark moon, the womb, the underworld, the within… the domain of the goddess, of the earth and of the night. We must do away with the lies that darkness is evil; and venture into the shadowlands armed with our courage and open hearts to learn what She has to teach us and to allow Her to hold us. We cannot live in the Light, our eyes need to rest. Rest deeply; surrender; be wrapped and loved and nourished by the Mother. Come Home.
This is a workshop for people who want to experience working with the shadow and beginning to explore what death awareness brings to our lives. This workshop is an introduction to the kind of work that Awen Clement, Alexandra Wilson and team are bringing to this world around End of Life practice, ritual and renewal. Kissing the Darkness is a very gentle and loving way into these subject areas which, for some, are unchartered territory. To be held in a safe, supportive, ceremonial Space by two pairs of most trustworthy hands is a great opportunity to allow yourself to start to come ever more fully into your Life and your whole being.
Cost of the day is £60 (£40 for Red Tent EOL Students) or £100 for both days if attending the Griefwork and Ritual workshop on the 23rd of November as well.
Teas will be provided, please bring something to share for lunch.
Email [email protected] for a booking form


Sunday, November 17th 2019 09:30am


Great Stuart Street EH3 Edinburgh EH3 6 United Kingdom

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