Ghost Hunt at Dudley Castle with Celebrity Paranormal Investigator | Dudley

Ghost Hunt at Dudley Castle with Celebrity Paranormal Investigator

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Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt with Paranormal Celebrity Guest, Rosemary Ellen Guiley.
Join Stuart and Dean James-Foy, International Psychic Mediums, Paranormal Investigators and award-winning authors of Parting the Veil: How to Communicate with the Spirit World, for this special ghost hunt.
Meet with Celebrity Paranormal Investigator from the USA, Rosemary Ellen Guiley. She is a prolific author of over 65 books on the paranormal and spirituality. Rosemary has appeared on numerous TV shows including Haunted Collector and is a regular guest on Coast to Coast. Rosemary lectures and hosts events across the USA and is regarded as one of the world’s leading paranormal experts. She is affectionately known as ‘Queen of the Paranormal’
Only 30 spaces are available, Book now to avoid disappointment. This is a ghost hunt not to be missed.
Ghosts of Dudley Castle
Dudley Castle has earned itself a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most haunted locations in the U.K, some say in the world. It is certainly a place that you wont forget about in a hurry and is not for the feint hearted.
Stuart and Dean first encountered the ghosts and spirits of the castle back in 1998 when they conducted a paranormal investigation there. The face of one of the ghosts was captured on a photo during the investigation. The photo was taken when the voice of a woman was heard by several investigators in a particular location. The photo attracted much media attention from BBC TV and local radio.
Anyone who Dare enter the castle at night is captivated by its eerie atmosphere and sprawling structure. Many visitors and staff alike have reported sensing many a presence, cold spots and the feeling of being watched.
Some have felt their clothing tugged or hair ruffled by unseen hands. Dark hooded figures and shadowy spirit people have been seen walking the grounds, and discarnate groans and disembodied whispers have been heard from a bygone era.
Two of the better known ghosts who haunt the castle are the ghost of a young drummer boy who was killed with a single bullet during the civil war, who is often experienced near castle keep. Superstition holds that to see him or hear his drums foretells bad luck.
The other is “The Grey lady”. It’s believed she is the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont who lived at the castle for a time. She is said to ROAM the castle, tormented at the loss of her child and not being able to be buried next to her, with her husband in attendance.
The Castle is home to many other ghosts and spirits. Who may you get to encounter on this night ?
This Event Includes;
-An short orientation tour with a castle historian.
-A briefing to familiarise everyone with equipment and techniques.
-Midnight séance hosted by Stuart, Dean and Rosemary.
-Working in small groups conducting experimental Ouija/Spirit board sessions, glass divination, EVP Sessions and séances. Plus, table tipping, black mirror scrying, pendulums, rod dowsing.
-You will be using some of the latest ghost hunting technology including night-vision, K2 meters, thermal imaging and more. You are welcome to bring your own equipment.
-Tea/ Coffee and light snacks are provided. Please bring your own should you wish.
-Torches are provided, but please feel free to bring your own torch as this location is very, very dark !
-All guests will be entered into a prize draw.
Special notes:
-Arrival will be at 8:30pm on Saturday 16th March 2019
-Please remember to wear warm clothing and suitable footwear.
-Please bring a waterproof jacket or umbrella should you wish to explore outside in inclement weather.
-Dudley Castle is a heritage and conservation site and as such has steep paths and steps. This may be difficult for people with limited mobility.
-Please note that no guarantee of paranormal activity is promised in any way.
-Strictly no alcohol or drugs.
-Over 18`s ONLY.
A brief history of Dudley Castle
The motte and bailey construction of Dudley Castle was completed in 1070 by Ansculf de Picquigny (Northern France). He was succeeded by the Paganel family during the 12th century who became Lords of Dudley.
In 1537 John Dudley – son of Edmund Dudley, economic advisor to Henry VII, who was executed by Henry VIII – embarked on a building programme at Dudley Castle including the stunning Sharington Range, named after his architect, William Sharington. The motte and bailey construction of Dudley Castle was completed in 1070 by Ansculf de Picquigny (northern France). He was succeeded by the Paganel family during the 12th century who became Lords of Dudley.
Dudley rapidly rose through royal ranks to become Duke of Northumberland, and on the death of Henry VIII in 1547 became one of 16 executors of a Regency Council founded to supervise the nine-year-old successor, King Edward VI.
In 1552 Dudley became Lord Protector, but by spring 1553 the king had contracted TB and in an attempt to control the succession he encouraged the dying Edward to void the rights of princesses Mary and Elizabeth to the throne and put his cousin, Lady Jane Grey next in line.
Mary’s Catholicism posed a threat to the recently-introduced religious reformation and the new-found wealth of those who supported it, and to boost his security Dudley arranged the marriage of his youngest son, Guilford, to Lady Jane on May 21.
King Edward VI died on July 6 and Lady Jane Grey proclaimed queen. However, the succession was challenged by Mary and her supporters who forced a coup d’etat against Dudley in the Privy Council, and he was charged with treason and executed on August 22, 1553.
His best-known son Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, was a favourite of Mary’s successor, Queen Elizabeth I.
On August 11, 1575 Queen Elizabeth I visited Dudley Castle and a decade later the site was surveyed as a possible residence for the imprisoned Mary, Queen of Scots.
During the Civil War Dudley Castle was garrisoned by royalist troops. It was besieged in 1644 and 1646 and surrendered on May 13, 1646. The following year, by order of Parliament, the keep, gatehouse and sections of the curtain wall were slighted.
On July 24, 1750 a fire, which raged for three days, swept through the Sharington Range, gutting the once-magnificent palace. Dudley Castle was allowed to settle into the role of romantic ruin.
(Courtesy of Dudley Castle website)
Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
Yes, all guests must be aged 18 or over
What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?
Parking is on-site and free. On purchasing your ticket to the Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt, we will provide full details on which entrance to use whether you are travelling by car or public transport. Parking is on-site just, up the hill, just outside the main entrance to the Castle. This provides easy access for you.
If you are travelling by public transport, please plan to arrive in plenty of time. Arrival time is 8:30pm. The organisers will ensure everyone is off the property by 3 AM.
Should you need to leave earlier than the end of the event, please advise us before the event begins so we can ensure a member of the castle staff can be at the gates to let you out.
What can I bring into the event?
You are advised to bring warm and comfortable clothing and suitable shoes. You are also welcome to bring your own paranormal equipment and a torch. Food and drink is also advisable, however, complimentary light refreshments will be available on the evening.
How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
You can contact Stuart and Dean via their website at
by email: [email protected] or Telephone: 07795 080756
What's the refund policy?
No refunds.


Saturday, March 16th 2019 08:45pm


Dudley Castle
Castle Hill Dudley Dudley DY1 4 United Kingdom

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