English Literature and Language Meetup 2025 | Bury St Edmunds

What's happening?

Hey Guys.
For those of you who came to Benson Blakes for our last ever 'A2 English lesson', you may recall we had a brief but interesting discussion on what would we be like if we met up in 10 years time. This gave me an idea, which I consequently ran past Mrs Punchard on results day. I've created this Facebook page to serve as a means of communication between us, since it's most likely to be the only median of contact to remain unchanged during this period. A week before Saturday 16th August 2025, a reminder will be sent to me on iCloud, as well as an email to my hotmail address: something which I will forward onto here. For those of you are still in the area and/or want to see eachother again, this will serve as the perfect opportunity to do so. It is by no means compulsory, but I think it would be a great opportunity to see how we've changed and progressed through life, aswell discussing old memories over drinks and a nice warm lunch. Bensons or Nandos may not be there in 10 years time, but I'm sure we'd be able to find an alternative.
I've added both AS and A2 English as we've all had full English experience- including Jimmy's farm and the lunches out. The only person who doesn't know is Jess, so if anyone has her number, please forward this on to her.
I wish you all the best over the next ten years; I'm sure you will become amazing at whatever you choose to do. Though despite everything, I'm certain Mrs G will have had the most interesting life out of all us!

Take care, and I hope to see you all very soon.


Key topics to remember for 2025 (feel free to add any of your own):

Mrs G laughing uncontrollably at my coursework
Mrs G's favourite words, including- expunge, flabby, concise, precious' #queen, undulating eyebrows, ponder with wonder, her dressed flapped indignantly with her elegant strides etc etc
Drifting dramatically off topic in Mrs Punchard's language lessons- including one involving Airbus wings flapping with indignation on a runway.
Year 12 visit to Jimmy's farm- including have to make our own Pork Sausages and me yanking off the handle.
Mrs Gumbrell's brilliant sense of humour.
Year 12 visit to Nandos with Precious managing to devour an entire Chicken.
Year 13 visit to Benson Blakes, including the photographs
Year 13's appalling but amusing attempt to recreate King Lear in the music department.


Hamlet short story
Hamlet short story
Literary London Training Programme May 31, 2016 A programme to gain a unique practical and academic perspective on London's literary heritage. Held in partnership with King's College London. http://socialstudies.org.uk/events/detail/21505/Literary-London-Training-Programme


Saturday, August 16th 2025 12:00pm


Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom
St John's Street Bury St Edmunds Bury St Edmunds IP33 1SQ United Kingdom


Alexander Smith, Bury St Edmunds

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