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MBIT Coach Certification

What's happening?

As you will be aware you have a head, heart and gut. Did you know that the messages they send, and the way in which we interpret these messages are 100% related to our behaviours?
How we process incoming information from our environment and then "make sense" of it determines our actions or non-actions
mBIT demonstrates the latest research from science available, on how we function and more importantly how we can do that with more ease, less stress and be more productive in the process
If you are supporting others in some capacity, for example, Coaches, Teachers, Managers, Business Owners Parents etc then this important information will enhance whomever you work with
In this powerful yet simple training, you will gain hugely, not least by:
Connecting to your deepest wisdom - it's not what you THINK
Learn how to access and reset your nervous system - Emotions go high, intelligence goes low - you get to choose!
Recognise how your communication is an asset or a hindrance to your goals, desires and wishes:
After this 4 days Training, you would be welcomed into the mBIT community as a Certified mBIT Coach and licenced to practice
For further information, please connect with me in whichever way suits you best [email protected] www.susanfrend.com or via messenger
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Thursday, October 24th 2019 09:00am


Holiday Inn Express Burton Upon Trent
Second Avenue Branston Burton upon Trent DE14 2 United Kingdom


SusanFrend, Burton upon Trent

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