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Hello and welcome to Battlefield Birmingham 15. This is a singles/ Team event that will be taking place on the 9th & 10th of March 2019. For those who have not attended a Battlefield Birmingham event, this will be a Warhammer 40,000 tournament where you will play 5 games over the weekend for the title of Battlefield Birmingham champion!
Although this is a fully fledged tournament with prizes up for grabs etc. Battlefield Birmingham has a reputation for being one of the more relaxed style tournaments on the scene and we encourage everyone to adopt a calm and friendly demeanour, if they don't we WILL warn them and ban them if needed. So don’t let the term 'tournament' put you off by any means.
The event will comprise 5 games, 3 games on the Saturday and 2 games on the Sunday, lasting 3 hours each.
Players will be drawn randomly for the first round with a ‘Swiss system’ being used to determine pairings for rounds 2-5. Games will be played with Warhammer 40,000 8th Ed rule book with armies of 2000 points.
Rules pack :
Coming soon, although it will be much like the last one as it was so refined. We will see what chapter approved brings.
Date: 9th & 160h March 2019.
The Cadbury Club,
Bournville Lane,
B30 2HP
(Rear car park is on Mary Vale Road)
Tickets are now on sale:
Payments of £30 can be made via PayPal to [email protected]
(If you could pay via friends and family/ Gift it will stop Paypal taking their relatively large cut, we refund the amount we accually receive)
There will be the more prizes to be won out of any event anyone has ever seen for the following 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Most Sporting, Best Army Nominees, Best Army, Best Team, Last Place, Most Fluffy Army, 40k PIMP leader, The Prince Vultan Award, Best In Faction as well as spot prizes throughout the weekend. Around 50 awards in total.
-Phoenix Games Stourbridge
-Deep-cut Studio
-KR Multicase:
There will be a maximum of 110 places for this event. We can hold places for a while but payments take priority.
Entrants list
1.Jamie East (Paid)
2.David Murdoch (Paid)
3.Chris Smith (Paid)
4.Pual James (Paid)
5.Stuart Woollsheep (Paid)
6.Tom Baker (Paid)
7.Richard Simms (Paid)
8.Peter Gregory (Paid)
9.Alex P-Smith (Paid)
10.Thomas Lawler (Paid)
11.Matt Burch (Paid)
12.Matt Robertson (Paid)
13.Angus Patterson (Paid)
14.Alex Petford (Paid)
15.Mark Fairbrother (Paid)
16.Jonathan Taff Jones (Paid)
17.Matt Bickley (Paid)
18.Adam Bickley (Paid)
19.Karl Bickley (Paid)
20.Jon Farrell (Paid)
21.Lee Wright (Paid)
22.Mark Gebhard (Paid)
23.Gaz Donnelly (Paid)
24.Michael Costello (Paid)
25.Mark Earney (Paid)
26.Brett Dawson (Paid)
27.Ashley Loftus (Paid)
28.Adam Rogers (Paid)
29.Alex Woodcraft (Paid)
30.Corbin Luby (Paid)
31.Joshua Gregory (Paid)
32.Joao Ferreira (Paid)
33.Joao Pires (Paid)
34.Jason Roberts (Paid)
35.Joe Waddock (Paid)
36.Dan Pattenden (Paid)
37.Daniel Gilbert (Paid)
38.Matt Judge (Paid)
39.Tom Higginbottom (Paid)
40.Paul Tonks (Paid)
41.Ben Evans (Paid)
42.James Jones (Paid)
43.John Kirby (Paid)
44.Neil Douglas (Paid)
45.Byron Sidhu (Paid)
46.Sid Sidhu (Paid)
47.Nick Thompson (Paid)
48.Ade Thompson (Paid)
49.Warren Broomhall (Paid)
50.Dann Bloor (Paid)
51.Richard Edkins (Paid)
52.Princess Ryland (Paid)
53.James Coles (Paid)
54.Tim Smith (Paid)
55.Andy Hales (Paid)
56.James Farmer (Paid)
57.Andrew Taylor (Paid)
58.Luke Ricketts (Paid)
59.Danny Evison (Paid)
60.Liam Royle (Paid)
61.Daniil Osudin (Paid)
62.James Grover (Paid)
63.Andrew Thomson (Paid)
64.Simon Priddis (Paid)
65.Malik Amin-Rubio (Paid)
66.Markus Hinson (Paid)
67.Mark Wray (Paid)
68.Andy 'will defo drop out' Oakham (Paid)
69.Chris Riley (Paid)
70.James H-Taylor (Paid)
71.Graham Bowmer (Paid)
72.Ben Jones (Paid)
73.Simon Edwards (Paid)
74.Shaun Morgan (Paid)
75.Matt Smith (Paid)
76.Steve Pearce (Paid)
77.Andrew Bourbon (Paid)
78.Michael Bolton (Paid)
79.Adam Trotter (Paid)
80.Barry Rumming (Paid)
81.Wayne Envis (Paid)
82.Brett Armitage (Paid)
83.Jason Roberts (Paid)
84.Alex West (Paid)
85.Edward Jones (Paid)
86.Darren James (Paid)
87.Marcin Witczak (Paid)
88.Mark Crombleholme (Paid)
89.Iain Mller (Paid)
90.Victor Garvey (Paid)
91.Jason James (Paid)
92.Jonathan Phipps (Paid)
93.Liam Worswick (Paid)
94.Dave Wright (Paid)
95.Peter Melton (Paid)
96.Dan Wright (Paid)
97.Kyle Grundy (Paid)
98.Chris Green (Paid)
99.Miles Tamplin (Paid)
100.Chris Tull (Paid)
101.Daniel Fitton (Paid)
102.Jon Talbot (Paid)
103.Richard Bladon (Paid)
104.Alistair Woods (Paid)
105.Mike Olive (Paid)
106.James Marsden (Paid)
107.Ben Tilford (Paid)
108.Stephen Box (Paid)
109.Jack Downing (Paid)
110.Mark Read (Paid)
2.Dan Poole (Paid)
3.Dan Whitfield (Paid)
4.Chris Rayner (Paid)
5.Ed Paszek (Paid)
6.Tom Howells (Paid)
7.Lewis Morville (Paid)
8.Mike Porter (Paid)
9.Mark Gallagher (Paid)
10.Andy Halliwell (Paid)
11.Neil Gibbons (Paid)
12.Tom Gould (Paid)
14.Craig Green (Paid)
15.Richard Gwatkin (Paid)
16.Jack West (Paid)
17.Dan Bates (Paid)
18.Chocolate Bastard (Paid)
19.Lee McBride (Paid) 19:04
20.Lewis Foulds (Paid) 19:10
21.Michael Collins (Paid) 20:20
22.Michael Hancox (Paid) 20:43
23.David Mitchell 28/09


Saturday, March 9th 2019 09:00am


Battlefield Birmingham
Bournville Lane Bournville Birmingham B30 2 United Kingdom

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Battlefield Birmingham, Birmingham

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