Sutton Park Schnauzerfest, Sutton Coldfield 2019 | Ashford

Sutton Park Schnauzerfest, Sutton Coldfield 2019

What's happening?

Where: Sutton Park- Palace Hill/ Towngate B73 6BU
When: Sunday 13 October
Time: 10.45am for 11am set off
Location: Sutton Park - Palace Hill/Town Gate Entrance by The Visitors centre - B73 6BU
Directions to car park/meeting point: Post code B73 6BU
If using a sat nav it may tell you the wrong 'you have reach your destination'. It does with ours! As you come through Sutton, past the multi story car park on your right hand side, it'll tell you to take a left turn. When you've left turned onto that section of road, it has been known to say that 'the destination has been reached' but you haven't! Carry on along that road until you reach a little island and go straight over. The entrance to the park/car park will be in front of you.
Itinerary: I will be there from 10:30am in an orange hoodie, with the Schnauzerfest logo on the back, which also reads 'host' underneath. This is so everyone can identify me, as often I mingle along with the rest of you unknown to many. ?
There are toilets located in the information centre. If anyone needs a map for cutting the walk short, they have them available in there.
The walk is around 3.0 - 3.5 miles, footpathed and mainly flat and will take around 1:30hrs - 2hrs to get around.
There are a lack of dog bins on route until the later stages of the walk so it might be worth carrying a rucksack or bag of some sort to store waste in for the short term, rather than carrying used bags in hand all the way around.
Parking: Free but might be worth popping a few pounds in the car just to be on the safe side
Enjoy yourselves, take lots of photos and remember the wonderful reason why we're all taking part in these walks. We look forward to seeing you all there!
Jen, Matt, Oscar and Hector xx
If you intend going to this walk, please click GOING or INTERESTED on the Event.
Schnauzerfest is an annual charity fundraising event, which gathers lots of lovely schnauzers and humans together for walks up and down the country! Every penny donated to Schnauzerfest goes to the registered charity, the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre.
You can find full details here: and
There's no set fee to take part in any Schnauzerfest walk. We take the 'honesty box' approach and everyone is welcome to give as little, or as much as they choose to. Every penny raised by Schnauzerfest will go towards helping dogs saved from terrible backgrounds get all the care and veterinary treatment they need, so they can go on to have good lives.
By donating online, please claim GIFT AID if you're eligible. Donations can be made before or after the walks and no-one is going to check what's been made or not. We want everyone to give what they're able or willing to and to just enjoy taking part.
Some walks can be very busy, others are quieter, every walk is fun if we follow some common sense guidelines.
Not all dogs will be happy in a crowd, so please look for walks that suit your dogs (not necessarily the same as what suits you!) we always put the dogs first at Schnauzerfest.
Always, always, always look out for your own dog. If the walk is busy and especially at a venue you are not familiar with, your dog may get disoriented and panic. Stay close to your dog. Keep them close to you. Close. Not running off into the distance, or back looking for you, not off into the crowd, not without you being there too. Close. Close, Close.
With a lot of dogs in one place, it can be hard keeping an eye out for your dog if they are offlead. Please, please, please be sensible. Do not let your dog off lead if you are not going to be absolutely eagle-eyed as to where they are, what they are doing, and be making sure not only your dog is happy with the crowd but everyone around them is too! Keep them close to you. Or, keep yourself close to your dogs, even better! Close.
....(keep reading, almost there......)
Dogs can panic in new places with a lot of new people and dogs around them. Or just get plain old silly over-excited. Think about your dog at all times, whilst you're chatting, keep your dog within sight at all times. It only takes a few seconds for dogs to get into a crowd on a busy walk and they need to know you are close by. Close.
If your dog has issues with other dogs - a schnauzerfest group walk may not be the best way to spend your day. Don't set your dog up to fail. If you want to help your dog have a great day, take appropriate precautions and measures.
Finally, if you are being an angel and you not only have your own dogs under your nose, but you see another one who is looking lost, or looking for their human friends, please give a helping hand and gather the dog to you in a calm manner. Some dogs may not come to you, so don't panic, that won't help however tempting it might be! Stay calm, call others to help, calmly, and help the dog and owner be reunited. It's what we'd all do on any regular walk isn't it, Schnauzerfest walks are just that, dog walks, where our dogs stay close by and enjoy themselves :)
IMPORTANT: by attending this walk, you agree that you're doing so by your own choice and taking full responsibility for yourself, your dogs and do not expect hosts or anyone else associated with Schnauzerfest to take any responsibility for you or your dogs.
You also promise to enjoy yourself and have a great day out with your dogs ;)


Sunday, October 13th 2019 09:45am


CT14 6HY
Ashford TN24 0PS United Kingdom


Schnauzerfest, Ashford

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