Northern College / Aberdeen Uni: Primary and Music Teachers Reunion | Aberdeen

Northern College / Aberdeen Uni: Primary and Music Teachers Reunion

What's happening?

'Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's changing...'
*Keane (2004)
'You'll follow us back
With the sun in your eyes...
This is my updated profile and I don't want to miss anyone out. So please keep inviting everyone you know would want to come along and if you want to go, list yourself as going to also help spread the word.
As the date gets closer we can finalise and it's fluid, different people can come on and be hosts and help guide the event itself!
Looking forward to it. This event is one that will def be amazing.(:
This is a provisional date for a reunion that will mark 20+ years!
There may be one prior to this as well but wanted to put this out there and and get an outline.
If anyone has any other ideas ~ let us know.
This is a work in progress and this one, gives us plenty of time to get it organised!
One year we all talked about Northern Hotel due to location being closest to the original college. This may still be an idea or we could use this place for a reunion closer in timeframe.


These appeared on my Timehop today!
11.30... Meeting for lunch?
Hi we did a similar event back in 2005 and managed to locate someone from each year to bring the troops together.. I can try and get as many from 1992 leavers!
I am trying to trace as many folk as possible who may have been taught by this special lady :)
I am trying to find as many folk as possible who may have studied with the wonderful Jean Webster. She is retiring after 27years and I would love to collect as many good wishes for her as I can. Sorry to invade this page but I am trying my hardest to trace as man of her students as possible. Best wishes Gillian x
My mum, Christine Laing (now Smith), graduated in '88 from Northern College. She doesn't have Facebook though.
Fiona Gallagher think it'll be more than just you and I this time???
Lol!!! 2024!!
I do hope that some fresh lemonade might be available as a refreshment.


Saturday, September 21st 2024 10:30am


Ardoe House Hotel and Spa
Ardoe Aberdeen AB12 5 United Kingdom

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