Sheffield Regional Championships | Sheffield

Sheffield Regional Championships

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Ponds Forge International Sports Centre
Sheaf Street
Sheffield S1 2BP

Format TCG: Standard
Format VG: TBA


When will the registration for Pokkén Tournament be open?
Are the tickets for the event available to buy or will they be available closer to the time?
When I went to the Sheffield Regional in the Pond’s Forge International Sports Centre last year (in 2017) it happened in March. Will there still be a Sheffield Regional happening in March this year (2018) or has it been moved to June?
Will there be a premium package again? Also, will there be any Pokken Tournament events on?
Will there be a register at the event like last time


Saturday, June 16th 2018 08:00am


Ponds Forge International Sports Centre
Sheaf Street
S1 2BP Sheffield

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