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Livingston True Blues Band Parade

What's happening?

Our annual band parade will take place on Saturday 5th May 2018. At 5pm.
Page will be updated as and when any developments take place.

Bands confirmed so far for parade
1 Livingston True Blues
2 Pride of Bargeddie
3 Thornliebank
4 Armadale Blues and Royals
5 Pride of Argyll
6 Stirling Protestant Boys
7 Bellshill Protestant Boys
8 Cambuslang Britannia
9 Springside Derry
10 Govan Young Defenders (indoor only)
11 Saracen Truth Defenders
12 Newtown Defenders
13 Fallin Crown Defenders

Evening entertainment start after the parade ends until 11pm in Livingston Station Community Centre. Playing at night are;

Regan Lindsay
Pride of Argyll
Bellshill Protestant Boys
Govan Young Defenders
Cambuslang Britannia



Fallin Crown Defenders have confirmed for the parade also. Newtown Defenders Flute Band are confirmed for this also.
LPWWA Stall will be at this event.
Cambuslang Britannia Confirmed for the indoor also. Already doing the parade and they'll also kick off our indoor event by playing 1st Saracen Truth Defenders confirmed for the parade. Govan Young Defenders have confirmed for the indoor
Springside Derry have confirmed for the parade Cambuslang Britannia confirmed for the parade. Rule Britannia! This wee video is excellent viewing if I say so myself. Great tune selection. Bellshill Protestant Boys have confirmed for parade and indoor. Stirling Protestant Boys confirmed for the parade.
Gutted not going to Liverpool for me birthday but fuck it band first
Pride of Argyll Accordion Band agreed to do our parade and indoor event.
Armadale Blues and Royals are confirmed for this event.
Regan Lindsay will be singing on the night to entertain us all.
Pride of Bargeddie Comfirmed for the parade .
Thornliebank Flute Band confirmed for the Parade and evening function.


Saturday, May 5th 2018 05:00pm


Livingston Station Community Centre
EH54 8 Livingston


Livingston True Blues Flute Band, Livingston

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