Christmas Gift Drive For The Gosport & Fareham Family Centre | Gosport

Christmas Gift Drive For The Gosport & Fareham Family Centre

What's happening?

Well folks we are now entering into our 4th year and I'm hoping we can raise even more awareness this year and have more presents to take down there for the family centre! Once again the response last year was incredible and the people at the centre were overwhelmed with your generosity. I am taking donations in now and will be right up until the 10th December, then delivering them to the centre on the 11th. They need them early to ensure they have time to give them all out to the children. Previously we have focused on the 10-16 age group but like last year we are going to open it up to all ages. Also we are appealing for new sealed bedding for the centre to give to children. Quilt sets need to be brand new and still in the packaging.

The 1st year we were sat having a discussion about how we could set something up to help the disadvantaged kids in Gosport after seeing other projects going on for children in other parts of the world and came up with this idea.......

We take it for granted that Christmas morning we will wake up to a beautifully wrapped gift under our tree, but what if you didn't.....what if there was would you feel?

We thought it would be amazing to set up a 'gift drive' where we would send out an appeal to ask you to buy an extra present this year and donate it to our cause. It doesn't need to be expensive, a little something will be so big to someone else! This would then go to a centre who would give the gifts out this Christmas and help to make someone smile on Christmas morning.

We will be collecting presents for boys and girls of any age group. Anything you can donate would be amazing, thank you. The age groups that often get forgotten are babies and 10-16 year olds so if you can grab something for these ages that would be amazing!
From sporting equipment to books, make up to accessories.......It doesn't have to be expensive just a little something extra on your shopping list would be amazing and help to give to someone who may not be getting anything this Christmas a present.

If you want to arrange a drop off you can contact me on 07943746021. Alternatively I am more than happy to collect any donations from you, again just call the number provided.
Please no computer games or such items. We are not sure who would have access to things like computer consoles. Also could you not wrap the items this will all be done when we give them to the centre.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and please help us to make this ad successful as possible by sharing this page with all your friends and family xxxxx


Sunday, December 10th 2017 07:00pm


Gosport, United Kingdom


Gemma Rigby, Gosport

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